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New Yorks Luv John Hart

Here's a story where a writer is advocating the Mets going to getting John Hart to be their g.m.

No, really!

John Hart, currently of the MLB Network, has shown the ability to transform young, struggling franchises into contenders without spending an exorbitant amount of money. With the Cleveland Indians, Hart was able to lead the Indians to six division titles and two World Series appearances by locking up his young talent to cost effective contracts. He also piloted the Texas Rangers from 2002 to 2005. While the record may not reflect success, he was the GM that started the minor league stockpile of pitching, something the Texas Rangers strangely ignored for quite some time. In fact, he still serves as an advisor to his successor, Jon Daniels.

Hart is a veteran who would provide a stabilizing force to the chaotic Mets front office. He has demonstrated the ability to mix statistical scouting along with traditional scouting methods. The negatives of Hart are his age (61 years old) and question of his long-term commitment. He would, however, give the Mets a sound Baseball mind with a proven resume. However, with the state of the Mets, a more daring choice would be more appropriate.

The funniest part of this is imagining Hart dealing with the New York media.  Given how he handled the not-that-intimidating D/FW media -- alienating people immediately, then going into hiding except when it came time to announce his contract extension -- the idea of Hart dealing with the NYC press is pretty hilarious.

In fact, sitting here thinking about this, I want this to happen.  Hart can go to the Mets and bring Buck Showalter in to manage.

That would be awesome.

And Ed Coffin would have the perfect N.L. team to root for.  The Mets would have Oliver Perez and John Hart.