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Sunday morning Rangers things

4.5 games out of first, after another game where the offense was an embarrassment. 

You can probably stick a fork in the Rangers' playoff chances for 2009.  And the irony is, the Rangers are going to miss out because they can't score runs, while the Angels are overcoming a shaky pitching staff with a lineup that is putting runs on the board. 

Anthony Andro notes that yesterday's 16 Ks were a season high for the Rangers.  Josh Hamilton, whose inability to hit has been crippling the offense all season, Andruw Jones, and Hank Blalock each K'd three times while hitting 3-4-5. 

Richard Durrett has some thoughts on Derek Holland, who struggled again yesterday, and suggests that the Rangers need to prioritize trading for a starting pitcher to replace Holland down the stretch.  The problem is, the Rangers also need help with their you want to go trade for a DH and a starting pitcher, knowing that you are, at this point, probably not making the playoffs anyway?  Do you add a starting pitcher and hope the lineup can get things going, or that Chris Davis can come back shortly and provide a spark?  Or do you roll with the rotation as is, and hope that Holland can learn from what he's going through now and be better prepared to pitch in the rotation in 2010?

The Rangers, who have been going with a short bench for some time now, are apparently going to add a bench player by Monday, when the team starts its series with Detroit.  With Matt Harrison done for the year, a 40 man roster spot can be opened up pretty easily by sliding him to the 60 day d.l.