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Rosenthal on the Rangers

Ken Rosenthal with some trade deadline notes, including this on the Rangers:

Count the Rangers among the clubs that balked at the Blue Jays' asking price for ace right-hander Roy Halladay.

The Jays told the Rangers they would want left-hander Derek Holland, first baseman Justin Smoak and "two other top guys."

The Rangers remain in the market for a bat, with the Indians' Ryan Garko and Mets' Gary Sheffield among their targets, even though Sheffield currently is on the disabled list.

Josh Willingham would fit the mold, too, but teams continue to report the Nationals' asking price is high.

I assume it is fair to say that most folks here would want the Rangers to pass on giving up Smoak, Holland, and two other top guys -- say, Beavan and Borbon -- to land Halladay.

Garko is the guy who seems to make the most sense, at this point.  You could probably get him for someone like Poveda and, say, a Brennan Garr or Evan Reed.  That's a reasonable price.