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Monday morning Rangers things

3.5 games back of first, with the hated Detroit Tigers coming to town for a three game set.

Anthony Andro says the sun ball that fell for an error, leading to the Rangers' first run, brought the bats to life yesterday.  Up to that point, it had been a rather disgusting offensive performance (once again), and I am not terribly convinced that this is the start of the offense getting back on track...

Also, Frankie Francisco is eligible to come off the d.l., but it sounds like they are going to maybe wait a day or two and see how he throws in a bullpen session before activating him.

Our man Z looks at the possible additions the Rangers could make, while taking a shot at the "you have to make a move now because there's no guarantee we'll be in contention next year" crowd.

Tom Hicks has gotten his soccer debt re-financed.