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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

Very nice win last night, particularly with Doug Mathis having to be pressed into service as a spot starter.

There was some drama yesterday, with the Tigers feeling that Jason Grilli and Eddie Guardado were throwing at guys, that led to Guardado telling Tiger manager Jim Leyland to "zip it" at one point. 

Jeff Wilson writes that Elvis Andrus led the Ranger attack last night.  Andrus has some quotes about the slump he was dealing with, saying that it was just mental, and he was thinking too much at the plate.

Jeff (the writer) Miller talks about Andrus as well, although he quotes Ron Washington as saying that Andrus isn't ready to hit leadoff.

The rotation is up in the air after Scott Feldman pitches todayVicente Padilla could go tomorrow, if he's feeling better, or Derek Holland could go, if Padilla isn't.  Kevin Millwood could go on Friday, if his glut is better, and if not, it will probably be Dustin Nippert.

There are also some quotes from Holland, responding to comments by Rangers fans:

Rookie left-hander Derek Holland knows what Rangers fans are saying about him. He’s heard he needs to develop secondary pitches and he struggles when he faces a batter for the second time in a game.

Holland isn’t buying it.

"I’ve been trying to do too much," he said. "The thing that gets me is that everybody thinks I need to develop more off-speed. It’s more about locating. It’s always been just one pitch."

He thinks the biggest problem he’s had is with his pitch location, not with the pitch selection. Holland is 1-5 as a starter, but his confidence hasn’t wavered.

"The way I see it is it’s going to click and when it does I’ll be helping this club big time," he said. "One pitch away from greatness is what Mike [Maddux] always says. And I believe that’s the case."

Neither Roy Halladay nor Cliff Lee appear to be heading to town to fill any rotation holes.  Even if a prospect package could be worked out -- and Toronto wants more from the Rangers than Jon Daniels is willing to part with -- the Rangers apparently can't afford to add the salary Halladay or Lee would require.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers are still looking to add a starting pitcher, but can't add major payroll.