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Kurkjian on Pitch Counts

Tim Kurkjian has an article up on pitch counts and 100 pitches, and goes through at length about the various issues that have led to starting pitchers supposedly not being expected to throw past 100 pitches.

But there's a blind item he shared which I thought was particularly interesting:

The names and teams aren't important, but here's what happened in July 2008 on a beautiful evening at Nationals Park. The visiting pitching coach went to the mound to talk to his pitcher, who was laboring slightly.


"I can't pitch any more," the pitcher told the pitching coach.


"Are you hurt?" the pitching coach asked.


"No, I just can't pitch any more," the pitcher said. Then he walked off the mound.


He had thrown 90 pitches.

It appears to be this game, and would help explain why the team in question was so willing to give up that particular pitcher at the trade deadline last year.