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Friday morning Rangers stuff

I don't even know what to say about Derek Holland's performance last night.  All I can say is, look at the box score, and however good you think the stat line looks, he looked even better on the mound.

Jeff Wilson writes that last night's performance saw Holland put it all together and deliver the type of performance the Rangers have seen glimpses of so far this year.

Evan Grant says that the Jays want Holland in any Roy Halladay deal, but Nolan Ryan all but called Holland untouchable last night.  The Rangers are apparently willing to deal Neftali Feliz, Justin Smoak, and Julio Borbon in a deal for Halladay, but don't want to part with Holland.

Jeff Wilson says that the Jays want Holland, Smoak, and Tommy Hunter, which would mean the Rangers would be parting with two-fifths of their starting rotation to land Halladay.  Wilson says that the Rangers have also talked to the D-Backs about Jon Garland and Doug Davis, and have looked at Zach Duke and John Lannan, as well.

One has to wonder if Holland's performance yesterday dampens some of the interest in trading for a starter, since Holland is the guy who would be bumped to the bullpen to make room for a Duke or a Davis or a Lannan or a Garland.

Mike Hindman has some thoughts on Holland, saying that Holland showed last night why the Blue Jays are going to insist on getting him as part of a Halladay trade, and why the Rangers can't part with him.

Jeff (the writer) Miller also has praise for Holland, and says that Holland doesn't anticipate being traded -- he wants to be in Texas and expects to stay here.