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Fox Sports Southwest Thinks We Want to Watch Fluff

Barry Horn had a post up yesterday, criticizing the Rangers and Fox Sports Southwest for continuing to squeeze out action during Rangers games to make room for Jim Knox interviews and general fluff.

Although he doesn't mention it, this goes hand-in-hand with Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve seemingly going out of their way to work in all sorts of off-topic nonsense, tangents that get beaten into the ground (did you know Torii Hunter lives in the D/FW area?  did you know that Hunter Pence went to UTA?  did you know that Michael Young and Vernon Wells are best friends?) relating to players on opposing teams, and do pretty much anything except talk about the game.

Horn has a follow-up today, with an email from a FSSW executive producer justifying the fluff by saying it is " to illustrate the ballpark experience so that fans at home can get a sense of what it's like to attend a Rangers game in person."

One of the things that I've come to grips with is that I'm not someone that TV networks are at all interested in catering to.  What I think and what I want from a broadcast is irrelevant, because FSSW figures I'm going to watch all the Rangers games anyway, and Fox knows I'll watch the World Series and the playoffs even with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver foolishness in the booth, so my feelings on a broadcast are pointless.

Fox is dedicated to getting the channel-surfers and casual fans watching.  And, apparently, they've decided that casual Rangers fans really want to see a bunch of interviews in the stands instead of the game, and would rather hear a bunch of Twitter talk and irrelevant b.s. than hear talk about the game itself.