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4th of July Rangers stuff

Back in a tie for first place.  8 games above .500.  Things don't seem so bad for a Rangers fan right now.

Jeff Wilson writes that a solid effort from Tommy Hunter and strong defense let the Rangers overcome another weak offensive night last night.  Hank Blalock had a huge homer, but otherwise, the offense was pretty much stymied again.

Jeff (the writer) Miller writes that this series has the potential of being a "trap series", coming between a home series against Anaheim and a road series against Anaheim, but Hunter and the defense came up big to take game 1.

Getting Josh Hamilton back is expected to provide a boost to the offense, but Hamilton has gone 1 for 16 in his rehab stint thusfar, and Ron Washington and Jon Daniels say it will now be Sunday at the earliest before Hamilton is back.  They want to see him have better ABs before he's activated.'s write-up of players who have debuted in the majors this week focuses primarily on Julio Borbon.

Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels both say Tom Hicks' financial situation hasn't impacted what they are doing so far, and Ryan says he suspects that any sale of the team won't happen until after the season.

Brandon Boggs suffered a separated shoulder last night, and the Rangers are going to evaluate him today to see how serious the injury is.