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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

Jeff Wilson writes that Derek Holland did a better job mixing in his offspeed pitches last night, rather than just relying on his fastball has he has in past starts.

Ron Washington thinks Kevin Millwood, Michael Young, and Ian Kinsler deserved to be named to the All Star team.

Evan Grant thinks Chris Davis should be benched so the Rangers can play Hank Blalock every day.  At this point, I can't really argue for Davis to stay in the lineup...however, I do think that it is worth noting that Blalock is already playing every day against righthanders, and playing him every day means he also faces lefties, who he has a 623 OPS against this season and a 654 OPS against over the course of his career.  So I don't think having Blalock play against lefties instead of Davis is going to do anything positive for the offense...realistically, the main impact of benching Davis is getting Andruw Jones more playing time against righthanders. 

Jim Reeves has a very positive column up about the Rangers' chances this year and going forward, and suggests that the team could land Josh Willingham for a couple of lesser prospects to help bolster the lineup.

Richard Durrett has a story up about Twitter and social networking and how teams and athletes are embracing it.

Brett Perryman looks at the various options the Rangers have for their bullpen down the stretch.