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One other All Star selection comment

I've said that Ian Kinsler got hosed, and I've also said that I don't think Kevin Millwood not making the team is that huge of a snub.

But also...Michael Young probably deserved to stay home, as well.

Evan Longoria won the fan vote, and deservedly so.

Young was named as the backup, and has had a solid year with the bat, going .314/.370/.497, but has also been pretty bad defensively.

But has anyone noticed what Scott Rolen has done?

.333/.392/.490 this year, with above-average defense.

Rolen has been better offensively (.310 EQA, vs. .294 for Young), has been better defensively, and unlike, say, Brandon Inge, has a track record of being (when healthy) one of the premier third basemen in baseball.

Yet Rolen didn't even make the Final Five ballot, which is probably more egregious than either Kinsler or Millwood being left off the team.