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An idle thought on a possible bench addition

Chris Davis has been sent down.

Julio Borbon is up, but he can't be expected to stick on the 25 man roster the rest of the way and play once a week.

What this team really needs is a righty four-corner bench bat, someone who could play 1B against LHPs and play some 3B if need be.

Which leads me to think about the Scott Hairston trade.

The A's have added Hairston, and are quite a ways out of the division race.  They are going to be looking at younger guys who will be around for the future.

Which leads me to wonder if the Rangers might not look at adding Nomar Garciaparra, who doesn't seem to have a place in Oakland, and who isn't hitting well anyway.

He crushed lefties last season, isn't hitting them this year, didn't hit them in 2007.  And he's old and he might be done.

But he's cheap (owed just $1 million for this season, with incentives based on games on the roster that could earn him an extra $250K or so), and I can't imagine the A's would want much more than a Mark Hamburger-type for him.

He could play first base against lefties, fill in at third base in a pinch, and gives you the type of veterany-goodness the team seems to want in its fringy guys.

Just a thought.