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Brett Perryman on Derek Holland going to the pen

Our man z doesn't like Derek Holland moving back to the pen to make room for Dustin Nippert

His issue, in essence, is that Nippert isn't very good and Holland is being shuttled between pen and rotation yet again.

As I mentioned this morning, I don't know that this is the way I'd handle it, but I don't really have a huge problem with it.  The Rangers needed a spot starter, and Nippert was to the point where he was going to need to be activated.  This gives them the opportunity to get a look at him for a few games and decide whether to keep him around or cut bait.  And if Matt Harrison is back on August 1, he replaces Nippert if Nippert isn't going well.

Again, I don't know that I necessarily agree with this move, but I don't know that I necessarily disagree with it, either.