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Poor Mariners

The M's, 3 1/2 games out in the A.L. West and trying to get back in/stay in the race, played Baltimore at home this afternoon.  They were up 3-0 going into the top of the 9th.  And then there was this:

Top 9th: Baltimore
- D. Aardsma relieved M. Lowe
- M. Mora doubled to deep right center
- G. Zaun walked
- O. Salazar singled to left center, M. Mora to third, G. Zaun to second
- F. Pie ran for O. Salazar
- A. Jones singled to third, M. Mora scored, G. Zaun to third, F. Pie to second
- N. Markakis reached on fielder's choice, G. Zaun scored, F. Pie to third, A. Jones to second on J. Lopez's fielding error
- T. Wigginton singled to center, A. Jones and F. Pie scored, N. Markakis to second
- S. White relieved D. Aardsma
- A. Huff grounded into fielder's choice, N. Markakis to third, T. Wigginton out at second
- B. Roberts hit for N. Reimold
- A. Huff caught stealing, pitcher to first to shortstop
- B. Roberts safe at first on J. Lopez's throwing error, N. Markakis scored
- L. Scott singled to right center, B. Roberts to third
- M. Mora grounded into fielder's choice, L. Scott out at second

5 runs, 5 hits, 2 errors
Baltimore 5, Seattle 3

They ended up losing 5-3.

Poor, poor M's...