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Saturday morning Rangers things

So, another win by the Rangers, wins by the BoSox and Angels, and the Rangers continue to simply keep pace in the division and Wild Card race.

Jeff Wilson says that Vicente Padilla rebounded well after being sidelined with the swine flu to give the Rangers six strong innings.

On the injury front, Kevin Millwood is being pushed back to Monday because of his glut problem.  Either Scott Feldman will pitch on three days rest, after his short stint his last time out, or Dustin Nippert will get a spot start.  Frankie Francisco, meanwhile, pitched an inning on a rehab assignment yesterday, and Ian Kinsler is still day to day.

Wilson also writes that Derek Holland was the sticking point in the Roy Halladay trade negotiations -- the Blue Jays insisted that they had to get him, and the Rangers insisted they weren't giving him up.  Wilson also suggests that Halladay at one point was willing to waive his no-trade to go to Texas, but Thursday night, reported to J.P. Ricciardi he wasn't going to do that.  There were apparently also talks about Cliff Lee, Jarrod Washburn, and Heath Bell, but no interest in the lower-tier starters like Doug Davis and Jon Garland.

Gil LeBreton says J.P. Ricciardi overplayed his hand, and the Rangers were smart to walk away rather than make a deal.