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Monday morning Rangers stuff

2 of 3 in Anaheim, and a tie with the BoSox for the Wild Card.  And Derek Holland is pretty good.

Evan Grant's game story is all about Derek Holland, and how he threw his fastball for strikes until the Angels started getting aggressive, and then mixed in his secondary pitches.

And ditto Jeff Wilson's game story, which leads off with something that had slipped my mind...Holland only needed 96 pitches for his complete game shutout yesterday.  Just an amazing game.

Ron Washington says that Julio Borbon will be the Rangers' leadoff hitter if he makes the team in 2010.  Meanwhile, Nelson Cruz hopes his ankle will be improved to the point where he'll be able to play later this week against Cleveland.

Tim Cowlishaw has a rather remarkable column up today about how he stopped drinking three months ago:

I watched the Cowboys lose to the Eagles, 44-6, last December from my room at Parkland Hospital after suffering a fractured skull of undetermined origin.  

When Josh says he's foggy on the details of his drinking in Arizona, I'm right there with him in the fog. How I got into an ambulance to go to Parkland will remain one of my life's little mysteries.

That's what happens when you have a blood alcohol level of .26. 

 Bob Sturm, meanwhile, says these pictures are going to cost Hamilton some money, and make it a lot less likely he signs a long-term deal with Texas.