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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

And just like that, we are in position this afternoon to end this series with the lead in the Wild Card race. 

And just as an aside, let me assure you, the caption on the AP photo has not been altered by me.  Better than "Perez," I guess.

Jeff (the writer) Miller's game story is a celebration of the Ranger youth movement coming to fruition, with rookies Neftali Feliz, Derek Holland, Julio Borbon, and Elvis Andrus -- none of whom had ever played in the majors before this season, and only Andrus on the Opening Day roster -- carrying This Thing to victory yesterday, in what I think can reasonably be said to have been the biggest game of the season thusfar, one day after one of the most devastating losses of the season.

Jeff Wilson says that this is what the Rangers are hoping to see for the next six years, this group of guys winning games for Texas.

Ian Kinsler returned from the disabled list Friday, meaning Omar Vizquel went back to the bench, but Vizquel showed his value with his performance while filling in.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia went on the d.l. yesterday, with Kevin Richardson coming up to replace him.  Jon Daniels says Max Ramirez needs to play a few games in Oklahoma -- he's been out with an injury -- before he'll be considered for a callup.  In the same piece, there are notes on Ian Kinsler hitting 6th and Frankie Francisco's hold on the closer role.

Anthony Andro has a write-up on the new video technology that is coming online, that is going to give a lot more data on balls in play, fielders positions, and the is basically going to be pitch f/x for balls in play, and should allow a lot more precision in data available.

And incredibly, with the football preseason getting into swing, a D/FW columnist was able to tear himself away from Valley Ranch long enough to write about the Rangers.  Randy Galloway writes about the "motley mix" of pitchers the Rangers accumulated being whipped into shape by Mike Maddux and Nolan Ryan, leading this team to contention.  It has become entertaining to watch Galloway write about this team's success, while bending over backwards to avoid mentioning anyone in the front office other than the team prez.