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Stat of the Day

Justin Smoak in August: .291/.426/.436

Chris Davis in August: .333/.469/.510

Hank Blalock in August: .175/.175/.365

This team is in a playoff race, and is getting nothing from the first base position right now. The current first baseman is a free agent after the season, and is just about a lock not to return.

The team has got two young first basemen in AAA. One of them has had success in the majors before this season, and has crushed AAA pitching since being demoted about 6 weeks ago. The other is a first round pick who was expected to move fast and who has performed well of late after struggling initially in AAA.

This team needs help offensively. Among A.L. teams, only Toronto has scored fewer runs in the month of August. There's no excuse for the Rangers to accept just giving away at bat after at bat from the first base position.

Particularly given that there appear to be two better options in AAA right now.

There is no reason whatsoever for either Justin Smoak or Chris Davis not to be the Rangers' starting first baseman the rest of the way. Either one of them is better than what we've got right now.