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Texas Rangers trade for Pudge Rodriguez, Part II

Jamey Newberg says the reports are Matt Nevarez and a PTBNL.

Nevarez is a nice live arm who is Rule 5 eligible this offseason, but wouldn't crack the Rangers' top 30 prospects, even with all the players graduating this year.

UPDATE -- Jamey says the Ticket is reporting that Jose Vallejo is the second player.  Vallejo + Nevarez is...steep, for a backup catcher, but I'd guess that there were some off-the-field/p.r. implications behind the decision to bring Pudge back, as well. 

And I have to think this is going to be viewed as a positive in the clubhouse, as well.

UPDATE II -- Evan Grant with some thoughts about the acquisition.

UPDATE III -- Brett Perryman has a rundown on Vallejo and Nevarez.