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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

Jeff Wilson writes that this is now two games in a row that the Rangers have let slip away after a big early lead, dropping the Rangers out of the Wild Card lead and pretty much putting them out of contention for the A.L. West division title.

Evan Grant has a bunch of notes up this morning, addressing, among other things, the possibility that Kevin Millwood is starting to wear down because of the heavier workload he's had this season, and the fact that Hank Blalock is last in the A.L. in OBP, with only Wily Taveras in the majors having a lower OBP.  There's also talk about Julio Borbon -- surprisingly, Grant says that Borbon is currently considered the Rangers' 5th best defensive outfielder -- and Matt Purke, with Grant asking folks to quit taking shots at a kid for deciding to go to college.

There was a huge walkup crowd for yesterday's game, which featured Pudge Rodriguez returning to the starting lineup, and the ovation Pudge got before his first AB was one of the really neat moments of this year.

Andruw Jones is getting some reps at first base, and it sounds like they might try running him out there again against lefties.

Derek Holland says he's found his groove.

Jim Reeves has a column about the Rangers being in the playoff hunt ahead of schedule.