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Wednesday morning Rangers stuff

Yeah, I'd sort of like to forget last night's game.  Even though the Rangers won.

Jeff Wilson's game story is here, for those who want to wallow in it some more.

Hank Blalock has been told that, with Chris Davis's return, he (Blalock) will be a part-time player the rest of the way.  Davis says he made some adjustments to his stance in the minors, but a lot of his problems in the majors were mental, and it took a couple of weeks at AAA for him to snap out of that and start making pitchers throw him strikes.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia threw the ball yesterday, and hopes to be back off the disabled list next week.

Pudge Rodriguez is going to be the DH today, which leaves the Rangers with the pitcher hitting if something happens to Taylor Teagarden, but Ron Washington think it is worth the risk to get another righty bat in the lineup.