KLaw with Rangers notes...


John (Dallas) Borbon or Austin Jackson? Keith Law (5:14 PM) Borbon. ~ John (Dallas) Is the difference in VORP between Beckham and Andrus made up for by Andrus' defense and games played? If so, does that make Andrus the ROY? Keith Law (5:16 PM) I'd probably lean Beckham right now, but it's close. Beckham's playing out of position and using his defensive #s penalizes him unfairly. ~ Neftali Feliz (NY) Am I as good as I seem? Keith Law (5:56 PM) Yes, with a chance to be better. ~ Clayton (Dallas) Michael Main struck out the side on Tuesday in Arizona. Welcome back, did the illness slide him out of your top 100? Keith Law (6:12 PM) If that's really the explanation for the lost season, then no. I slide guys like that down, but not off the list, unless the injury (or illness) is a chronic issue. ~ Ruben (CA) Thoughts on Tommy Mendonca will he be the 3rd basemen of the future for the Rangers? Keith Law (6:26 PM) No, don't like the swing, doesn't make enough contact, and has horrible plate discipline. Good glove, though.