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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

I couldn't watch the game last night.  Our power went out at 6:30 last night, didn't come on until 1 a.m., then went out again at 5:30 this morning and has been out since.  So I had to follow on my Blackberry.

However, the Gamecast thing on my Blackberry seemed to think that the called strike three that ended the game wasn't close to being a strike.  That seemed to be the consensus from folks here who were commenting, as well.

And Jeff Wilson writes that David Murphy was sure he had a game-tying home run in the ninth, on his double that bounced off the top of the baggie in right field.

Evan Grant commends Tommy Hunter and Pedro Strop for shutting down the Twins after a three run first inning.

Wilson also has some injury updates on Marlon Byrd (who, it sounds like, won't be playing this weekend), Eddie Guardado, and Brandon McCarthy, who could be replacing Dustin Nippert in the rotation.

Ron Washington is going to throw out the first pitch today at the Metrodome, as the Twins have been honoring former players and team personnel in the Metrodome's last season.

The Angels have acquired Scott Kazmir, after having been rumored to have gotten him, then having reports coming out that said the deal was dead.

I know some folks are upset about what this does to the Rangers' chances in the A.L. West this year, but given that Texas is 5 games out with a month to go, I don't see that it makes much difference there.  The Angels are rolling the dice that this has been an off-season for Kazmir, that he'll bounce back the next couple of years, when he's going to be making a significant amount of money.  There seem to be some questions surrounding Kazmir's health and whether or not he's a reasonable bet going forward.