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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

That's not exactly how you want the longest road trip of the season, a road trip that could make or break the season, to start.  That's the first game the Rangers have lost all season when they were ahead going into the 9th.

Jeff Wilson notes that two hits in the inning were on balls that would normally have been outs, but that ended up going for hits because of where Joaquin Arias and Michael Young were positioned.

Brett Perryman also has some thoughts on last night's game.

Nelson Cruz is apparently day-to-day with a sprained ankle, although that's the sort of injury that could easily lead to a d.l. stint.  Given that Cruz and Michael Young have been the main guys hitting lately, that would be a huge blow.

There are stories from Jeff Wilson and from Evan Grant about Neftali Feliz's very impressive major league debut, and from reading the comments on the DMN blog, there appear to be a lot of people who want him to immediately replace C.J. Wilson has closer.  Because, apparently, in those folks minds, Wilson has been so terrible this year, despite the fact that that opinion doesn't match up with reality.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers are aiming to make the playoffs, but need Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton to snap out of their slumps. 

At 4 1/2 back in the West and 3 back in the Wild Card, I'm not exactly holding my breath in regards to the playoffs.