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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

Rubber game of the series today, and Texas will either be 3 1/2 out or 5 1/2 out in the West at the end of the day.

Jeff Wilson says that Kevin Millwood just got out-pitched yesterday, and has quotes from Marlon Byrd raving about how great Kevin Jepsen was in shutting the Rangers down with runners on second and third and one out late in yesterday's game.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia will play today, after missing a couple of days with a sore shoulder, and Ian Kinsler is expected to go through some agility drills in Cleveland this week and possibly do a rehab assignment. 

Gary Pettis is working with Julio Borbon on his throwing.

I'm not interested at this point in the Josh Hamilton photo story, but if you are, you can read about it via Jeff Wilson, Gil LeBreton, and Kevin Sherrington.