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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

So, we have some activity...after a couple of months of rumors and speculation, the DH and utility infielder roles have now been filled, meaning that the roster currently in place should be pretty close to what we can expect to see on Opening Day.

Evan Grant says that this move is the offensive version of the Rich Harden acquisition, adding a player who can give you a high level of performance when he is healthy, but who (at least in 2009) wasn't healthy often enough.  Grant also reminds us that, coming off a 2004 season where a Ranger team in rebuilding mode turned into a surprising contender, the Rangers gave a one year, $5 million deal to Richard Hidalgo, a deal that turned out to be a bust, although Grant suggests that Guerrero is a better acquisition that Hidalgo was.

Anthony Andro also has a write-up on the acquisition of Guerrero and of Khalil Greene, the former Padre shortstop who has the inside track on the utility job.

Richard Durrett says having Vlad Guerrero in the lineup will make everyone else in the lineup better.  I don't know that I necessarily agree with that, but Guerrero should be an upgrade over a David Murphy/Joe Inglett platoon.

T.R. Sullivan has a story up detailing Greene's travails the past few years, with some quotes from his college coach talking about how hard Greene has been working this offseason.

At this point, the Ranger bench presumably will be Greene, David Murphy, a catcher, and someone else.  The question now is who that someone else will they go with a true centerfielder who can provide insurance for Julio Borbon?  Do they stick with recent acquisition Joe Inglett?

One of the concerns at this point is that the Rangers' only first baseman at this point is Chris Davis, who, of course, is anything but a sure thing right now.  I have to wonder if the 25th man won't be someone who could be a 4C guy with a righty bat, someone who could start at first base against some lefties and provide some insurance if Davis flops again to start of 2010.

Richard Durrett has a Q&A up with Jarrod Saltalamacchia, with Salty talking about the issues regarding his return from injury.