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Fangraphs projections on Vlad Guerrero and Khalil Greene

With the Rangers having added Vlad Guerrero and Khalil Greene to their likely Opening Day roster, I thought it would be worthwhile to go to Fangraphs and see what the projections they have up there have for these two guys.

First, on Vlad:

CHONE .291 .337 .489
Bill James .305 .369 .508
Fans .298 .345 .487

The "Fans" projection is subject to change, as more people contribute their projections.  My gut feeling is that all of these are overly optimistic...if Vlad matches the projection from CHONE, the most conservative of these three and the one of the three I think is most reliable generally, I'd take that and go home.

Next, we have Greene:

CHONE .239 .292 .406
Bill James .239 .307 .423

Neither system is optimistic that Greene will be a starting quality player, although CHONE does show Greene as a half a win above replacement, which is good enough for a utility man.  I suspect that if Greene can hit more like he did earlier in his career with San Diego, we could see him get some ABs at first base against some lefthanders.