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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

All about Vlad Guerrero this morning...

Evan Grant says that yesterday's press conference looked and sounded like one involving a complimentary player, but the Rangers believe Guerrero can be an impact guy in their lineup.

I'm not sure how much Vlad has in the tank, but the reality is that he's not likely to be any worse than the DHs the Rangers were running out there last season, and should be a little better.

Anthony Andro writes that Ron Washington is hoping Guerrero's presence will have a trickle-down effect and make the rest of the lineup better.

Gary West quotes Michael Young as saying that Guerrero is the final piece of the puzzle, and the team is now expecting to make a run in the A.L. West this year.

Richard Durrett writes that Ron Washington plans to have Guerrero hitting cleanup, and runs down what Durrett thinks is the likely lineup on Opening Day, which includes Chris Davis hitting 6th and Nelson Cruz hitting 7th.  As I mention in the comments to the FanPost about this last night, I don't really have an issue with this...I expect Davis and Cruz will probably be similarly productive in 2010, and the advantage of having Davis hitting behind Guerrero and Ian Kinsler to break up the string of righties, and allow you to go L-R-S-R-L with the 6-1 spots in the lineup, is meaningful.