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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Today is all about the Rangers' sale...

Jeff Wilson says that a deal being done by tomorrow, the end of the 30 day exclusive negotiating window, is unlikely.  He goes so far as to say to not be shocked if Tom Hicks opts to kill the deal with the Chuck Greenberg/Nolan Ryan and start the process over again.  As Wilson notes, that would destroy the goodwill that the team has generated with its fanbase of late and cast a huge cloud over the team, but given that Hicks' goal is to keep the Rangers if at all possible, and given that this would buy him some more time, while it is not the most likely scenario, it probably isn't out of the range of possibilities.

T.R. Sullivan also writes about the sale process, but his story is pretty much that negotiations are ongoing.

Evan Grant reports that Khalil Greene passed his physical.