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Sunday morning Rangers things

Tired of talk about the pending Rangers sale?  Then just skip this morning's update...

T.R. Sullivan says that Tom Hicks and Chuck Greenberg continue to negotiate, with the sides confident that a deal will end up getting done.  Once a deal is agreed upon, then there still has to be approval by MLB, which is expected to be a non-issue, and the banks that Hicks Sports Group owes money to, which also isn't expected to represent a huge hurdle.

Richard Durrett is less optimistic, saying it is "unclear" whether a deal will be reached.

Gil Lebreton has a column up about the sales process, as well.  Lebreton says, among other things, that Bud Selig is backing the Greenberg/Ryan group and has gotten involved to help move the process along and get this resolved.  Jim Crane is apparently also continuing to hang around, and if there ends up being a problem with the Greenberg/Ryan group's financing, Crane, it sounds like, is ready to step in.

Evan Grant and Eric Nadel were named the Texas Sportswriter of the Year and Texas Sportscaster of the Year, respectively, by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.