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Gary Matthews, Jr., reportedly headed to the Mets

Jon Heyman reports that Gary Matthews, Jr., is apparently heading to the Mets, who are looking for insurance in centerfield, given that Carlos Beltran is likely going to miss the beginning of the season.  I liked this:

Matthews has two years and $23 million remaining on his contract and the Angels will be paying the vast portion of that money. Matthews also gets $500,000 for being traded.

That's the salt in the wound, right there.  You dump GMJ and his awful contract, and you have to pay him for moving him.  Although, since he was demanding a trade, maybe he was willing to waive that trade kicker.

This is also as good a time as any to remember that at the time, some in the media were lamenting the decision not to match the 5 year, $50 million deal GMJ got.