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Monday morning Rangers things

And ownership continues to be the main story out there today...

T.R. Sullivan says that Nolan Ryan will be in charge on the baseball side of things, Chuck Greenberg will be aggressive on the promotions side, and there will be changes to the actual ballpark coming...

Randy Galloway has a column about Ryan and what he expects from the Ranger organization.  Some interesting tidbits, considering the source:

But the total one-eighty on the baseball end is that Ryan now doesn’t work with the shadow of Hicks hanging over the front office, or with the obligation to those Hicks hired before Nolan arrived.

Two years ago, the thought from here and elsewhere was that a guy like Ryan doesn’t put his name and his legacy on a long-standing failure of a baseball team unless he brings in his own people.

The first year, he didn’t. Last year, he did, but only to a limited degree.

And now, with the manager, the general manager, and almost the entire baseball front office not of Nolan’s hiring, the status quo will remain, as it should.

Ryan is also quoted in the Galloway column as saying he was happy with the moves made this offseason, given the financial limitations the team was working under.

And Josh Hamilton is fired up about the 2010 Rangers team...