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Wednesday morning Rangers things

A plethora of stuff out there today...

Nolan Ryan acknowledged something that was fairly widely reported -- that MLB was heavily involved in running the Rangers from July on, and gave the Rangers strict budgetary restraints they had to operate under.  Jeff Wilson's article mentions Matt Purke, in particular, who the Rangers weren't able to sign because MLB wouldn't authorize the expenditure. 

Evan Grant also writes about the budgetary constraints, reporting that Nolan Ryan said MLB would authorize the Rangers to only go to $4 million in their offer to Purke, and saying that MLB officials visited regularly throughout the offseason to review the team's books.

T.R. Sullivan writes about the new ownership group, and their expectations of success.

Grant also has notes from the minicamp, including the news that Eric Hurley will throw today for the first time.

Derek Holland is going to have to earn a spot in the rotation this spring -- Tommy Hunter has the edge for the #4 spot, according to Jon Daniels, and Holland is competing with a group of others for the last spot in the rotation.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Josh Hamilton is working on playing in left field, after spending most of the past several years in centerfield or right field.

David Murphy expects to get his fair share of ABs, despite being the 4th outfielder, as the Rangers are going to be giving Vlad Guerrero and Julio Borbon regular days off.