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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

A couple of weeks ago, I said that I thought there would probably be very little Rangers news until spring training started.  Then the Jon Garland story came out, which caused a bunch of discussion...but really, since then, there's been very little of note.

The trend continues today.

T.R. Sullivan has a story up about the Rangers being interested in possibly bringing Colby Lewis back, presumably on a minor league deal, after Lewis led the Japanese League in strikeouts the past two years.

Richard Durrett talks about the Rangers continuing to search for a catcher, and mentions Dioner Navarro as a possible target.

Durrett also has a mention of this story, where Florida wide receiver and Ranger draftee Riley Cooper suggests that the Rangers have lost interest in him:

While the 2010 NFL Draft is in late April, [Cooper is] expected to report to the Texas Rangers on March 1.

Cooper started 25 games for UF’s baseball team this year and was drafted by the Rangers in the 2009 MLB Draft this summer. He mulled over joining the Rangers after summer league ball, but returned to finish out his football career at UF, despite some outside influences advising him otherwise.

However, since the draft, Cooper hasn’t had any contact with the Rangers and is unsure of his status with the organization.

"I must not mean that much to them," Cooper said.

"Hopefully they contact me. I’m not going to contact them.

"I’m waiting, Texas."