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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

Last night was the Rangers Award Banquet, with Michael Young, Scott Feldman, and Elvis Andrus being honored as the team's player, pitcher and rookie of the year, respectively.  Young has been the team's player of the year four times now, tying Ruben Sierra for second for most times rewarded.  Juan Gonzalez won the award five times.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Young is fired up about the start of the season, and says that there should be high expectations for the club.

The Rangers signed Scott Feldman to a 1 year, $2.425 million deal, avoiding arbitration with Feldman.  Having signed all of their guys, the Rangers continue their streak of not going to arbitration with anyone since Doug Melvin was the g.m.

J-JT has a column up about the Rangers new ownership situation.  He's in favor of new ownership.

Jerome Bettis is apparently looking into being a minority investor in the Rangers.  I've got nothing.

Derrick Turnbow, an NRI last year that a lot of folks thought would end up in Ranger pen in 2009, but who didn't pan out, signed a minor league deal with the Florida Marlins.