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Jon Daniels says the Rangers have no interest in Joaquin Benoit

Evan Grant has a blog post up in which he has various questions that readers wanted him to ask personnel or players, along with the answers he got.

The one that really jumped out at me is Jon Daniels saying the Rangers have no interest in bringing Joaquin Benoit back.  Benoit had a throwing session in the Dominican Republic last week, and the Rangers did not have anyone there.

When Benoit signed with the Rangers, they had never had a playoff appearance.  He's been in the organization for over 13 years, and the fact that the Rangers aren't even interested enough in him to consider him as an NRI on a minor league deal surprises me.  He definitely was a disappointment, overall, but once the Rangers quit trying to make him a starter, and let him pitch out of the pen, he had some success.

Benoit turns 33 this year, which also seems weird to me...he's only three months younger than Andruw Jones, and is older than Marlon Byrd, Milton Bradley, Joel Pineiro, and Brad Penny (among others).  It may be the Rangers just think he's old and done, or maybe they there's something else at work here.  But in any case, if Benoit comes back in 2010, it won't be with the Rangers.