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Friday morning Rangers things

Some actual news and stories and stuff out there today...

Anthony Andro writes that a team source has denied the Rangers have offered Vladimir Guerrero a 1 year, $7 million contract.  That seems a bit steep, in this economy, for a guy who is limited to DH and who looks to be on his last legs.  The source says the Rangers haven't made an offer.

Richard Durrett has a blog post up with some comments from Michael Young about new hitting coach Clint Hurdle.

Andro also has a story up about the Rangers hitting coach, with Hurdle saying that the offense has taken ownership of its problems last year.

T.R. Sullivan has a story up on Eric Hurley's return from injury, with Hurley currently doing long toss, and the plan being to bring him along slowly and have him start off in extended spring training at the beginning of the year.

Sullivan also has his Friday morning blogginess up.