goodbye and a heartfelt thank u from josh lewin


It’s with a real heavy heart that I write this, everyone, but to borrow a phrase; “it’s time.”

I love the Rangers -- always will -- and am so sorry that the news of my departure came out in the middle of something so important (and potentially awesome.) I will be staying in the Metroplex, the place I have made my home and I love so much… and I will be rooting hard for the guys to kick some butt Tuesday night and keep this wonderful season going.

Sometimes relationships just run their course, and it really is as simple as that in this situation. I still love the Rangers organization, and hope they still like me as well… but with different visions of what the broadcast landscape should look like, this really is the best for all concerned.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything yet about my new horizons as things are still “in development” as they say… but suffice to say I will have some opportunities now to broadcast (both locally and nationally) that fit very well with my philosophy of “informing and entertaining.” This is all going to work out well for everyone, I promise.

To all of you who have been so kind to welcome me into your homes each night, I can’t thank you enough. It is such a privilege to be the guy with the microphone, bringing you as close as possible to these wonderful coaches and players and support staff. Y’all have hitched your wagons to a great thing – and it was my distinct pleasure to have been your narrator. Ranger fans are unique in their passion and their warmth – my family and I have appreciated every minute of your attention.

You’ll be reading and hearing soon enough about where I’ll be turning up next… I’m excited about it, and I hope you’ll all stay in touch as best you can. (Guess I’ll have to come up with a new Twitter handle now though!)

Thank you, all of you who have been such good “invisible friends” to me these last nine years… and even those of you who have criticized and belittled, I know it comes from a love of the ballclub in the first place. As always, the ballclub is more important than the broadcaster!

Finally, whoever TAG’s new partner will be, please give him (or her) a chance to win you over… change isn’t easy and Lord knows it took me a while to win many of you over. Listen with an open mind, and please keep peace and love in your heart.

All good things always —

Josh Lewin