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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

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So, this is it.  Win or go home.

As I said before game 1, I'm not wanting a "good" game.  I would like the Rangers, much like they did in the A.L. West race this year, to get up early and not look back, allowing me to enjoy the game without wanting to throw up between innings.

Also...the irrational part of my brain continues to look for positive omens.  And this morning, out of the blue, Seth asked to wear his Rangers shirt to school.  He's never asked to do that.  He never asks to wear any shirt that doesn't have Lightning McQueen on it.  And he has no concept of playoffs, the baseball season, anything like that...very weird.

I'm choosing to cling to that as a positive sign for tonight.

Jeff Wilson writes that the 2010 Rangers were characterized by their resiliency, and their ability to respond when their backs were to the wall, a trait that will be put to the test tonight.

Evan Grant writes that the Cliff Lee v. David Price matchup favors the Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan writes that, fifty years after the Rangers franchise started as the "new" Senators, the Rangers have the opportunity to win their first playoff series ever tonight.

Anthony Andro writes that the Game 5 lineup for the Rangers should be pretty much the same as the Game 1 lineup, with the only position up in the air being first base.  Ron Washington says his heart is telling him to start Jorge Cantu, but on decision has been made.

Josh Hamilton is happy tonight's game is, well, at night.  At this point, I wonder if it isn't mental with Josh...and I wonder if the fact that the game is at night will help put him in a more confident frame of mind that will help him bust out of his slump.

The Rangers website has a bunch of notes up.

Tim Cowlishaw writes about Cliff Lee pitching the biggest game in Rangers history.

Gil Lebreton has a column on game 5, quoting Josh Hamilton as saying that the team was pressing at home.