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ALCS Game 1 Afternoon Linkaliciousness

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Some links to keep you entertained until we get closer to game time...

Evan Grant looks at the decision to add Michael Kirkman and Clay Rapada to the playoff roster, and why the moves make sense.

Jeff Caplan writes that C.J. Wilson's pitch count will be critical to his success tonight.

Diamond Mind and ZiPS think that Texas is the favorite in the LCS.

Jeff Sullivan uses science to explain why each LCS team will (and will not) win the World Series.

Brett Perryman talks about the timing of Josh Hamilton's injury and recovery timetable...

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers believe Clint Hurdle could end up being hired by another team after the season as a manager.

BP's projections have Game 1 as virtually a toss-up, with the Rangers having a 52% chance of winning tonight, and the Yankees a 48% chance.