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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Frustrating game yesterday, one where the breaks all seemed to go the Yankees way.  But if the Rangers can win today, they are still in very good shape going forward in the series.

Jeff Wilson's game story says that yesterday's loss was reminiscent of the Rangers' playoff experiences in the 90s.

Anthony Andro writes that the Ranger bullpen, which had the second lowest ERA in the A.L. in the regular season, continues to be the team's Achilles heel in the postseason.

T.R. Sullivan's game story has the Rangers talking about how the 8th got away.

Gil Lebreton writes about C.J. Wilson's start and the Brett Gardner infield single that was the beginning of the Rangers' downfall.

Randy Galloway laments the bad playoff bullpen.

Tim Cowlishaw suggests that this loss could doom the Rangers.

Evan Grant has a Game 2 scouting report.

Joey Matches offers his take on yesterday's game.