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Sunday morning Rangers things

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Series tied at 1-1, and the Rangers put a fork in the "can Texas recover from their devastating Game 1 loss" in pretty short order.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the Rangers finally winning a home playoff game, and the bullpen redeeming itself after a bad Game 1 performance.

T.R. Sullivan's game story discusses the Rangers having evened the series with Cliff Lee going in Game 3.

Anthony Andro writes that Colby Lewis gave the Rangers' solid performance, although the Yankees ability to go deep into counts meant he didn't make it six full innings.

With Elvis Andrus having executed a steal of home for the first time in the playoffs since 2002, Evan Grant has a column on the evolution of Elvis's baserunning and the plan Ron Washington and Gary Pettis put in place for Elvis in the second half of the season.  Definitely worth checking out, with it providing insight as to how the team worked with Elvis to improve his basestealing.

Mike Bauman of writes that the first inning double steal set the tone for the game.

Richard Durrett has his post-game thoughts and observations at ESPN Dallas.

Andro's notes talk about Josh Hamilton's willingness to be patient and take walks, with the Yankee pitchers pitching around him, and Tommy Hunter having gotten up in the bullpen in the middle innings yesterday.

Gil Lebreton has a column about the Rangers being in a good position heading to New York, and the Ranger offense having beaten up on the Yankees starters in the first two games.

Jennifer Floyd Engel has a column about the bullpen's bounce back and Ron Washington, and this part jumped out at me:

So, Wash, the bullpen's fingerprints were all over the Game 1 meltdown, Oliver's especially, you really did not have a single hesitation about slapping him back out there?

"No," he said.

Not even when Oliver walked Nick Swisher yet again to start the eighth inning?

"I don't give a ..." Wash said. "Listen, I played baseball. I know what they feel. I may not be articulate in the way I express myself, but just listen to the message."

And the message was?

"He has faith in us," third baseman Michael Young said. "It is a combination of Wash having faith and guys wanting another opportunity because they know they are going to do better."

Kevin Sherrington has a column on the Rangers ability to put Friday's bad loss behind them and dominate yesterday.

Durrett writes that the hallmark of this team has been its ability to put bad losses behind them and move forward.

Jeff Caplan has a story on Mitch Moreland's emergence at ESPN Dallas. has a transcript of the post-game interview with Ron Washington.

The S-T has some notes that include changes made by Greenberg/Ryan to improve the conditions for the team's off-the-field employees, and praise from Peter Gammons on the players' accountability.