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Monday morning Rangers things

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Everyone fired up for tonight?

This game is pretty big.  Take this one in New York, and the Rangers have home field advantage back, and just need two of the final four to advance to the World Series.

Or, put another way, win tonight, and the Rangers need just one win from a non-Cliff Lee starter the rest of the way to force a Game 7 at home with Lee on the mound. has an interview with Lee up.

Kevin Sherrington writes that Lee has become the Rangers fans' security blanket.

Jeff Wilson writes that, with Lee going for his third win of the postseason, Yankee announcer Michael Kay has claimed that Lee's hat is illegal.  Just in case there was any question that Lee has gotten into the Yankees' heads...

The Rangers are hoping Lee goes deep tonight because of the fragile state of the bullpen.  Evan Grant writes that the bullpen is running on fumes, but is hoping to be able to keep it going for another three weeks.

T.R. Sullivan writes that, despite Josh Hamilton's rib injury, teams are still leery of him, and are pitching around him.

Anthony Andro's notes talk about how Hamilton is willing to take the free pass if the Yankees aren't going to give him anything to hit.

The situation is made more complicated by the fact that Vladimir Guerrero, hitting behind Hamilton, has not hit well in the postseason so far, but Ron Washington says he isn't going to move Guerrero out of the cleanup spot.

Alden Gonzalez of writes that Elvis Andrus's play so far this postseason has been Jeter-esque.

Bill Ladsen of writes that, even with Andy Pettitte, who controls the running game well, on the mound, the Rangers plan to continue to be aggressive.

Wilson says the Rangers are confident that they can win games in New York this week.

Jeff Passan at has one of the better pieces I've read on how Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels have turned an arranged marriage into a very productive partnership. has an interview with Ron Washington.

Mike Bauman of writes about Washington's guidance of the Rangers.

Gil Lebreton writes about Rangers' fans hatred of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.