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Saturday morning Rangers things

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Two games left in the regular season.  With last night's loss, the Rangers aren't going to hit the 92 wins Nolan Ryan predicted, but they can still end up with the third highest win total in franchise history.

Ray Buck's game story says that, despite the loss yesterday, there was good news in the return of Josh Hamilton and the impressive play of Mitch Moreland.

T.R. Sullivan's game story also focuses on Josh Hamilton's return, with Hamilton saying that he didn't dive in the first inning while pursuing Bobby Abreu's fly ball; rather, he fell.

Evan Grant gets Nolan Ryan's reaction to the Rangers falling short of his 92 win prediction.

Anthony Andro's notes talk about the plan to have Bengie Molina and Matt Treanor split time behind the plate in the playoffs, and has an update on David Murphy's condition and Josh Hamilton's flak jacket.

Sullivan's notes talk about the Rangers' final decisions on the playoff roster, and it sounds like the positional players are pretty well set, with just a couple of bullpen spots still being discussed.

Andro writes that the Rangers pitchers have done an impressive job this season of pitching at TBIA.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Rangers need to sign Jon Daniels to a contract extension.