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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

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One win away from the World Series. 

During the season, there was a some whining about the futility of getting to the playoffs...the Rangers would have the worst record of any team in the playoffs, they'd be underdogs in any matchup, we just need to understand that the Rangers will get to the playoffs and promptly lose because, you know, that's just what's going to happen...

But anything can happen in the playoffs.  And that's what we're seeing right now.  This is why you go to the mat and fight to get here...because in a short series in baseball, you always have a puncher's chance.

And right now, the Rangers look to have a lot better chance than that.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about Bengie Molina's home run yesterday catapulting the Rangers to the doorstep of the World Series.

T.R. Sullivan's game story leads with a description of a section of Rangers fans leading a "let's go Rangers" chant in mostly-empty Yankee Stadium in the 9th inning of last night's game.  One of the things that has amazed me about the last two nights is how early Yankee fans were bailing on their team and the game.

Anthony Andro writes about Derek Holland coming in in a critical situation and getting the job done, giving the Rangers 3+ innings of sterling relief work to allow them to come back, take the lead, and then put away the game.

I'm a big fan for Tommy Hunter, as I think everyone here knows...but given the issues he's had with his location in his two starts, and given how well Holland has pitched out of the bullpen in his last few outings, I think I'd swap the two of them, if the Rangers advance past the ALCS.

Evan Grant has praise for the work Holland has done, and suggested he may be in the rotation next round, should the Rangers advance.

Rob Neyer scolds Ron Washington for not having Holland in the rotation instead of Hunter in the first place.

Richard Durrett takes a closer look at Holland's performance yesterday.

Durrett also has his post-game thoughts on Game 4.

Grant has his post-game thoughts at the DMN Rangers blog.

Sullivan's notes talk about Elvis Andrus's hitting streak, Cilff Lee's cap, and the Game 5 catcher, among other things.

Gil Lebreton has a column praising Bengie Molina and the deal that got him here, while also re-visiting the whining that some clubs -- including the New York Yankees -- did about the Rangers being allowed to make mid-season moves while in bankruptcy.

Tim Cowlishaw says the Rangers are dominating this series.

Randy Galloway has a column on how "mind-blowing" this season, and the possibility of the Rangers going to the World Series, is.  He has some particular praise for Molina, which is ironic, given that he ripped Jon Daniels for having to trade for Molina instead of giving Pudge Rodriguez a two year deal a few months back.

The Rangers website has transcripts of interviews with Holland, Molina, and Ron Washington up.

C.J. Wilson says he wants to pitch like Cliff Lee today.

And while the Jersey Shore version of Jeffrey Maier was a big story during the game yesterday, the umpires, after the game, having seen the replay, were emphatic that Nelson Cruz was not interfered with.