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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

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Realistically, in a 7 game series, you are likely going to have at least one clunker.  That was yesterday's game.

C.J. Wilson didn't have it, C.C. Sabathia was good enough, and the Yankees won comfortably.

And while Sabathia gave up a ton of hits -- it was just the 53rd time since 1920 that a starting pitcher has gone 6 or fewer innings, given up 11 or more hits, and allowed 2 or fewer runs -- it wasn't like the Rangers were driving the ball against him.  Two of the hits were infield singles by Elvis Andrus, and several others were bleeders, bloopers or gorks.  It would have been nice to capitalize more than the Rangers did, but we shouldn't act like they were pounding Sabathia but just couldn't get runs home.

Jeff Wilson writes in his game story that the Rangers are still feeling confident, despite the loss yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan says in his game story that there was some disappointment at not closing it out yesterday, despite taking two of three in New York.

Evan Grant writes that C.J. Wilson tried to be too fine yesterday, rather than trusting his stuff.

Richard Durrett has post-game thoughts up at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Nelson Cruz says that, despite leaving yesterday's game with a tight hamstring, he will be good to go on Friday for Game 6.

Sullivan's notes talk about Elvis Andrus's pickoff, Michael Kirkman's playoff debut, and Mitch Moreland at first base.

Colby Lewis is confident and ready to go for Game 6.

Gil Lebreton writes that the Yankees may be feeling better about themselves after yesterday's game, but there's still two games in Texas, and the Rangers just have to win one.

Randy Galloway has a column about the series being extended to six and heading back to Arlington.

Tim Cowlishaw expresses concern about the Yankees showing signs of life after staving off elimination yesterday.