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Thinking About Having Nothing to Say About Game 6 and 7

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There's an off day today, and then at least one, maybe two, pretty huge games for the Rangers coming up. 

And I've been sitting here trying to come up with something meaningful to write about, as far as those games go...and really, I've got nothing.

There's not really much to analyze.  The Rangers have the better pitcher going in Game 6, and if they don't win then, they have one of the best pitchers in baseball going in Game 7. 

The Rangers are playing at home, and while that hasn't been that big of an advantage so far in this postseason -- Texas is 1-3 at home so far in the playoffs, versus 5-1 on the road -- it is still an edge.

I could mention that the Rangers are 1-6 in the team's history in elimination games, but I don't know that that means anything.

I could write about Ron Washington's bullpen usage, and maybe I will tomorrow, but I'm not feeling it right now.  It will get me irritated at the snarkiness of the national writers who seem to suggest that Wash is incompetent because he doesn't use Neftali Feliz for two inning saves but does use him in the 9th of a blowout, and it makes me argue in favor of decisions that I don't necessarily agree with, but which I can understand, and it puts me in the place of having to say that we don't know enough about what is going on to definitively say whether the decision is right or wrong, which #1 feels like a cop out, and #2 leads down a slippery slope that suggests that maybe none of us should ever question or challenge managerial (or general managerial) decisions, which would negate much of the purpose of this blog.

It also makes me feel a little bit hypocritical for condemning others for doing what I have been doing in every post-season since 2000 -- criticizing other teams' decisions from a distance, while dismissing the replies from those who say that I'm not familiar enough with that team's situation to judge.

But what is there really to say about the next game or two?  I don't really have much other than platitudes.  Colby Lewis needs to pitch well.  The players need to play more like they did in games 2 through 4, and not like they did in game 5, with clown baseball allowing runs to score and knuckleheaded pickoffs costing runs with a big deficit.  Josh Hamilton needs to swing the bat well.  Vlad Guerrero needs to swing the bat well.  So do Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler.  Some unheralded player will probably need to come up with a big play.

And if that isn't good enough, well, you can say the same thing about Game 7, while also saying that Cliff Lee needs to be Cliff Lee +1. 

You analyze and examine and put these things under a microscope, ultimately, because of what plays out a macro level.  The fact that the Yankees, over 162 games, were better than the Rangers doesn't change the fact that the Rangers are more likely to win, which doesn't change the fact that they play the game on the field and anything can happen -- Bengie Molina can hit for the cycle or Jeff Francoeur can draw a walk-off HBP off the greatest closer in history or Matt Treanor can hit a game-winning triple -- and the Rangers, who are likely to win, could lose.

On a micro level, on a one or two game stretch, anything can happen.  We've spent all year talking about this team, what it can do, what it can't.  We know what the strengths and weaknesses are.  We know the possibilities.

So I feel like I'm all talked out.  I can't analyze any more. 

I'm just at a point where I want Friday night to be here, so I can see what is going to happen.