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SBN Blogger Uses C.J. Wilson Tweet to Rip MLB

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C.J. Wilson sent a tweet out referencing the NFL helmet debate and saying how glad he is that he plays for MLB, where the MLBPA has been pretty aggressive in looking out for the players (for better or for worse).

That prompted a semi-coherent rant from one of the SBN editors, who accuses MLB of a myriad of sins.  I think, anyway:

Q: So the only sport to have an unfair and unfairly sustained historical antitrust exemption as the cornerstone of its survival, the sport whose players were the standard-bearers for tacitly endorsed PED abuse before anyone knew what they were, the sport whose owners treated players like chattel for a half-century, the sport whose owners pioneered the practice of using public money to pay for private stadiums, the sport whose own labor squabbles have taken nearly fifty years to iron out but only before nearly killing the sport itself, that league decides to mock the NFL, the nation's most popular sport, for its own labor struggles? 

A: Yes. That appears to be exactly what they're doing from MLB's official account. 

Q: Is the league run by Bud Selig calling another league "shady?" 

A: Yes. That appears to be an opinion they endorse. 

Q: Well-played, MLB? 

A: Um, yes, if only to salute the sheer ballsiness of unflinching hypocrisy at its finest. 

I'm not  going to defend Bud Selig.  But I'm having a hard time seeing how MLB is officially "mocking the NFL."

I also find it disingenuous, if not hypocritical, for someone who appears to be defending the NFL to cast stones at MLB in regards to PEDs. 

If someone is going to describe a sport as "the sport whose players were the standard-bearers for tacitly endorsed PED abuse before anyone knew what they were," I'd assume they were talking about the NFL, with their 350 pound linemen, super-sized linebackers, and history of steroid use and abuse dating back to the 60s and 70s.  While steroids purportedly became big in MLB in the late 90s, PED use was supposedly rampant in the NFL more than two decades earlier.

The entire rant above makes little sense, and I would have ignored it, if it hadn't used a C.J. Wilson comment as a jumping off point, and if it hadn't once again featured a football person taking a holier-than-thou attitude towards baseball and PEDs, while ignoring what is going on in his own sport.

I don't think any objective observer can compare baseball to football over the past several decades, and not conclude that the PED use has been more widespread in football than in baseball.  For whatever reason, baseball is the whipping boy on the subject, while the NFL has gotten a pass...but I don't think anyone really believes that football is the cleaner sport.