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Friday morning Rangers stuff

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Game 6 of the ALCS tonight, with the Rangers looking to close it out behind Colby Lewis

Anthony Andro writes that Lewis's teammates have confidence in him, and think they can finish of the Yankees with Lewis on the mound.

Evan Grant writes that Colby Lewis has a difficult task ahead of him -- beating the Yankees twice in one playoff series -- and takes a detailed look at what Lewis has done in his first two playoff starts, in terms of types of pitches thrown and his ability to get first pitch strikes.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers don't want to take it to a Game 7.

Richard Durrett runs down his things to watch for tonight.

Nelson Cruz says he's playing today.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers success has been a team effort, with the club's depth having come into play throughout the season and during the playoffs.

Jim Reeves writes that Rangers fans are savoring playoff success, after a long history of Rangers failures.

Gil Lebreton writes that the Rangers are looking to make history tonight.

Kevin Sherrington says the Rangers need to close out the Yankees tonight.

Durrett says the Rangers have an added advantage right now in having Cliff Lee available to pitch Game 7.

Ray Buck has some notes about the Rangers' shaving cream pies having disappeared and some comments from Emily Jones and Hazel Mae.

Sullivan has notes on the Rangers pitchers taking batting practice, and says that C.J. Wilson was hampered on Game 5 by a blister that tore open in the second inning.