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Morning after becoming A.L. Champs things

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Wow.  It still hasn't really sunk in for me yet.  The Rangers are A.L. champs, and are going to the World Series.

Not just, no more ridicule about how the Rangers are the only team never to win a playoff series.  The Rangers are now no longer lumped in with Seattle and Washington as the only teams never to have gotten to a World Series.

The plan that was started in 2007 has come to fruition.  The people who lampooned the idea that this team could compete by 2010 have been shut up. 

This is mindblowing.

And there is something apropos about Colby Lewis pitching like an ace in the series clincher.  Like many of this organization's moves the last few years, the signing of Lewis out of Japan, and the decision to guarantee him a spot in the rotation, was criticized by many in the media and quite a few fans.  But the scouting department identified him, the front office trusted the scouts, and the Rangers ended up landing a legitimate top of the rotation starter for less money than middle relievers are getting on the free agent market.

Gil Lebreton's column is about Colbyashi, and his journey from first round pick to minor league vagabond to gaijin in Japan back to Texas.

Anthony Andro writes about Colby's outstanding outing.

Jeff Wilson's game story has a headline that says it all:  "Rangers headed to World Series."

Evan Grant writes that the A.L. Championship is a credit to the Rangers' resilience and resolution all year, their ability to bounce back from adversity and continue to fight.

Richard Durrett has his thoughts on the Rangers finally getting to the World Series.

Jeff Caplan writes about Colbyashi's long journey to the World Series.

Cliff Lee says he loves his team and his teammates.

Durrett says that Game 6 epitomized how this Rangers team can win.

Andro's notes include discussion of Nelson Cruz being worthy of LCS MVP consideration, along with Josh Hamilton, who won the award, and Rangers' places in the playoff record books.

Jim Reeves writes that, after all these years of waiting, Rangers fans are going to have to let this success sink in.

Kevin Sherrington writes that last night buried the Rangers' ugly history of failure.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column marveling at the Rangers getting to the World Series.

Randy Galloway writes that the Rangers, by making the World Series, have shown that the impossible is possible.

Richard Justice writes that Rangers fans have been rewarded for their decades of patience and putting up with shenanigans from the organization.

Buster Olney's notes this morning talk about the Rangers doing all this while having to fight other owners who wanted the team to be unable to make moves or add payroll while the team was in flux while trying to be sold.  Olney also says the team, with its new ownership, is well-positioned to be one of the strong second-tier payroll teams like the St. Louis Cardinals -- not in the Yankees/Red Sox payroll stratosphere, but able to afford top free agents and be able to field a contender year-in and year-out.